Chair Thief

Earlier, Frogger started crying so I went to her bed, changed her diaper and picked her up. After some "My mom's insane" talk and a few sweet little smiles, I went and sat in my recliner to feed her. All of a sudden, my butt started feeling wet.


Because Boogie had fallen asleep in the Ol' Man's chair while I was at the store today. Someone didn't feel the need to wake her up. Much easier to watch her while she's sleeping I suppose. Boogie is potty trained except when it comes to sleeping. She'd peed in his chair and rather than clean up the mess or get a towel to sleep on, the Ol' Man swapped chairs with me and didn't let me in on the fact that there was a piss puddle in my new chair.

Mighty nice of ya buddy...

I'm starting to see a pattern to my stories here. I wasn't sure what I was going to use this blog for, but I think I've figured it out. Maybe I should change the name to Coke On My Keyboard & Complaints On My Mind
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