I'm Outta Here

Just a friendly reminder from your neighborhood... something or other.....

In case you missed my post the other day, I've moved. Please come over to TextImps.com Please!! I'm on my knees begging.

Okay, so really I'm just sitting here looking at you. But it's a stern face. A face to fear. RUN! RUN I SAY!! RUN TO TEXTIMPS!!! (and don't forget to subscribe over there using the RSS stuff in the top corner or the google thingy over on the right)
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growingupartists said... @ March 26, 2009 at 12:53 AM

TEXTIMPS, you mean where I met you? But Chris, you're the Ace of Spades, and here you go shufflin' the deck on me.

Women with kids' websites! Defiantly protected.

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Hey?? I moved -- You should be over at TextImps.com reading & commenting. Don't worry. All of the posts from here are over there now. See ya soon. =D